3 Keys To Your New Year's Resolution

Today millions of people across the world will declare their New Year's Resolution. As I believe this is a great thing to do as some will spark much success with this practice, however some will simply fail to reach their goals. Even more will set the same goals next new year. The goal of this blog is to help you use 3 keys that will increase your success of obtaining your goals and much more in 2016.

1) Commit

Being in the fitness industry and dealing with people looking to lose weight, get stronger, etc this is the major player in either someone succeeding or not. If you've known me for long I've probably mentioned the "bacon and eggs breakfast" to you. If you haven't it goes like this: What is the difference between the chicken and the pig in the bacon and eggs breakfast? The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. Be the pig always with your resolution and you'll see results. As the great Coach Tony Dungy always says "No excuses, No explanations."

2) Use S.M.A.R.T. Goals

One of the biggest things is setting yourself up for success is A) putting yourself in the best position to win and B) Be SMART with your goal setting:

Specific: I want to bench a ton of weight by the end of the year!!! OR I want to increase my bench 2-5 pounds each week, thus increasing my bench in the range of 104-260 pounds by the end of the year!!! See the difference.

Measurable: I want to lose weight this year. OR I am going to lose 1 pound of fat every two weeks and build lean muscle tissue. Therefore by the end of the year I have lost 26 pounds of ugly fat and added lean muscle tissue along the way. 

Attainable: This one is key! Be realistic. If you deadlift 100 pounds now don't expect a 800 pound deadlift by the end of the year. 

Relevant: Set goals that are relevant to you and your life. Setting goals based on what other want you to do is very un-motivating and easy to give up on. Do it for you!

Time-Bound: To minimize the likelihood to put something off set a date to it! I'm going to increase my squat 30 pounds by July 2016. (Measurable, Attainable and Time-Bound) Booyah!

3) Take Your Medicine and Never, Never, Never Give Up

It takes instant to quit something and you get a lifetime to regret it. Do not take the easy road. If it's designed to look like the easy way or a shortcut, trust me it's full of disillusion and falsehoods. In golf, a common saying is "take your medicine" meaning that following a poor shot, choose a simple shot to get you back on the course and on your way. However, if you've ever played golf with people you'll always get that one guy that won't take that simple shot. They will however willingly try to curve it up over a forest of trees, dodging the bald eagles' nest and squirrel by 6" and then let the 45mph winds drift it over to the green, bouncing off a sprinkler head over the stream and finally resting nicely 6' from the cup. THIS NEVER WORKS!!! This is not Happy Gilmour. Give me the best golfer in the world and 100 shots and he wouldn't be able to pull this off. The point of the story is when life happens, which it will, just take your medicine and get back on course as soon as possible. Don't force anything or get crazy just get back on the well known path to success. One last thing, don't quit. It is the most behooving thing for Nancy and I as fitness pros to get someone on the right path and they are having great results and then they get distracted and quit. Stay the path and as Winston Churchill famously said "Never, never, never give up!"

Have a great 2016 everyone! Make it your year. I hope this words help you in any way and we wish you the very best!

-Beau & Nancy