The 10 Undeniable Laws To Get Strong, Part 1

The 10 Undeniable Laws To Get Strong, Part 1

Beau Bradbury CSCS, CPT, CF-L2

Muscle, raw strength, and power is the mission of any guy or gal looking to dominate their sport, work and life. You want to look the part and you want to be able to back it up. Maybe you’ve been bitten by the iron bug or perhaps you will be bitten soon. Maybe you’re looking to get back on the strength training wagon after a layoff. Whatever your case my be, you’ve decided to look into getting seriously strong and that’s why you are reading this article. The following 10 laws will greatly benefit any newcomer to strength training. This is not for XYZ dvd routine, dance class and/or couch to 5K, etc. This is for the select few that are willing to bust it and breakthrough into a new and head-turning you. 

Are you sure you are ready for this? Once you go this route only the strong survive to one day put up the big numbers. Are you sure you want to get strong as hell? Are you sure two weeks in you aren’t going to run back to the elliptical because it feels good on the knees? Maybe video games are a better fit for you? It’s your time to get on board and fully committed because here we go!

DISCLAIMER: Get physician’s approval before embarking any new diet or exercise program. Please do not read these sacred laws unless you are ALL IN. Fully 100 percent committed. In the bacon and eggs breakfast the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. BE THE DANG PIG! 

This is Part 1 and contains the first 5 laws. Part 2 will be out soon!

If you’re a newbie make a promise to yourself that you will apply these 10 simple laws for at least six months and the magic will happen. DO NOT get distracted. It would be foolish to follow this and then four weeks later get excited about underwater BB stacking and then just to leave that for something else that appears extra promising. It would be a very sad ending to try to take all the programs and mix them into your own secret squirrel program. Stick and stay to throw the smediums away.

The Laws:


This law is so simple you may glaze over it. Being in this business for a little while now, I can attest this is where most people strike out. To have success in anything you have to show up. Think about it what have you done in life without showing up? Make this happen if nothing else. Lots of people are okay with mediocre results and if nothing else showing up will get you that. However, if you’re the type looking to blow minds and bend bars proceed to law #2.

LAW #2) Find A Winning Training Home

I’ll admit it’s hard to show up without a place to go. This law will take some thorough searching and research. Don’t quickly go look for something cheap and convenient if you’re serious. If you’re serious you need a serious place to train. If you’re some joker looking to do some swiss ball crunches go ahead and go the cheap and easy route. However, I believe this isn’t the case with you. Take your time and find a gym that is legit. If you see power racks. Good! If you see atlas stones, high quality barbells and chalk. Even Better! If you see shiny machines, a cardio theatre with no squat racks. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

LAW #3) Invest In Proper Training Gear

Have you ever done a 500 pound squat? If you are a beginner, probably not. Picture someone doing a 500 pound squat. Now picture the same squat performed on a giant couch cushion. It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to realize this is a bad idea. However, many people do such a thing when they wear thick cushioned running shoes while squatting. Get you a pair proper weightlifting shoes! Olympic weightlifting shoes work great or many of the strongest guys on earth wear good ole Chuck Taylor’s. If you have foot problems go with the olympic weightlifting shoes as they provide more support around your foot. Also, get a proper belt. If it looks like a back brace employees wear at a home improvement store, it is wrong! A good belt will be made of thick leather and will have same width all the way around. This gives your abs something to contract against and a more stable mid-section during your heaviest sets. There are lots of quality products out there, do your research and find the best. These two items are a great start. I’m about to save you lots of money later on law nine in part two and that will easily cover the costs of your newly acquired training gear. 

LAW #4) Find An Alliance That Will Ensure Early Success

This article is written with the beginner in mind, but even the elite have the watchful eye of a good coach to constantly make sure everything stays tuned up for optimal performance. Like finding a good gym, finding a good coach can be even more challenging. Finding someone with a proven track record, years of experience and a strong knowledge base can be extremely difficult. Find them anyway and have them teach you the movements correctly from the git-go. I speak for every coach when I say it’s much easier to teach someone with no experience versus someone with years of practicing bad habits. Some very rare gyms will actually have one of these guys or gals around that are nice enough to help you fix your technique. Be nice to them and treat their words like gold because a few comments can shave years off your learning curve. 

LAW #5) Utilize The K.I.S.S. Method For Movements

If you are brand new to strength training this is a special time when the gains are cheap and easy. You can literally get stronger by looking at a barbell and doing jumping jacks. However, you want the most bang for your buck. You want to stack on the strength gains at an optimum rate. It’s always an excellent idea to get involved with a well thought out program. The task at hand can get difficult trying to come up with stuff yourself. Make sure the program utilizes the basic movements: SQUAT, BENCH, PRESS, DEADLIFT and POWER CLEAN. Don’t fall victim to the common “more is better” trap of doing dozens of cute little movements. These basic movements are the “BIG SECRET NO ONE IS TELLING YOU” on how to get big and strong. Take full advantage of being a beginner and Keep It Simple, Silly.

Put these 5 laws to work for you! The next 5 laws will be revealed in Part 2. Stay Tuned!