Ditch the new year BS and actually get results in 2017 - 5 Pitfalls that will destroy your chance of success

As the clock strikes midnight and the new year 2017 is born many people feel a refreshing new start brewing. It gives you the feeling that things will be different this go-around. The TV is now filled with fast weight loss promises and a “new you for the new year.” I hate to break it to you this is all BS. This is my humble opinion. Every year millions flock to start working out and eating right just to quit within a few weeks and return to their normal ways. They think well shucks maybe 2018 will be different. This is mainly due to a lack of a proven plan and guidance to help them along the way.

In my line of work, it is just as much as an investment in time and energy for me to work with someone as it is for the client. Oh by the way, time and energy are two of the most valuable things available to us. When they sign up with me for personal training or group training I am 100% committed to getting them what they need to succeed. This is why I honestly hate the new years resolution mentality. Nine times out of ten the person is just emotionally charged for a few weeks and then they fizzle out, start skipping on their workouts, ditch the healthy eating and viola we both just wasted our time. Let’s get real for a minute. If your doctor said to you that you better make a change now or you might be dead very soon, would you say okay Doc January 1st is only 8 months away? Hell no! If something is really important to you and you decided to make a change you would do it in an instant flash and wouldn’t wait around until a certain mythological date. Believe it or not, it feels just the same to improve your body composition in January as it does in August. 

Just give me 6 months of focused effort and you will see a drastic transformation. Eat how I say to eat, do the training program I give you and give it some time to work. That is it. Sound too good to be true or too simple? Well it’s not. Imagine, by June 2017 you’d become a show stopper. If I am lucky enough to get someone’s undivided attention for 6 months you’d be shocked at their transformation. You will become much stronger, leaner, and healthier in just a few months. Your body will become much more aesthetically pleasing if you focus hard on getting stronger and shedding off ugly fat with the proper nutrition strategy. Your friends will be shocked at the change. The trouble is that the majority of people get distracted and derailed by the same common pitfalls. For me, it is like the movie 50 First Dates, the same thing happens over and over again. People are quick to jump ship to the next latest and greatest thing they see, read or watched on youtube. If you’ve read my book, I go into great detail over all the BS that tricks people into buying this or that and end up not getting any results. The promise of fast and easy (e.g. lose 8lbs this week!!!!!) is just there to get you to pull the trigger and buy the program. These are empty promises trust me. 

I am going to give you the 5 pitfalls I’ve seen people trip on time and time again. These will destroy your chances of looking and feeling your absolute best. You would do good to memorize these and watch out for them as you go along. They are continuously lurking to snatch up their next victim. 

5 pitfalls:

  1. Not focusing on training with weights - training with weights builds lean muscle tissue which in turn causes your body to burn more calories automatically throughout the day. 
  2. Not training for strength gains - I think it is a fair assumption that a strong body is healthier than a weak and frail one. Witnessing your body get stronger every session is a potent motivator. No one has ever came to me and said, “I am really looking to get that ‘skinny fat’ look, can you help?”
  3. Focusing on “cardio” - If all you do is cardio your body will flense off lean muscle tissue at an alarming rate. In my opinion, one of the worst things you can do. Use cardio if you need it to be fit for duty, but not solely for fat loss. 
  4. Not dialing in your nutrition - The only way to gain fat is by eating too much food. It’s truly that simple. Figure out how much you should eat on a daily basis. Track your eating precisely. Whatever you do, don’t jump blindly onto the next popular miracle diet as it will surely be a disaster. 
  5. Listening to incompetent people - misinformed friends, social media, the internet, etc. Ask yourself, does this person have what I want to have? Are they a symbol of how I want to be? Chances are the ones who are most willing to give lots of advice are the same ones who have less than desirable results. Find the best and listen to them. Do not, under any circumstance, allow yourself to be derailed by listening and applying something goofy. One last thing, do not try to go off by yourself searching to find the next magic bullet. It’s not out there trust me. You will truly be hunting for big foot. Good luck with that. It will be way easier to go with what works.