Struggle to Success: My Fitness Journey by Nancy Bradbury

Flipping through old photos again. However, today something is different. Very different. It is the reflection I see in those photographs spanning over a decade. Is that really me? Is that what I looked like? Wow I look so different today. My body from age 20 to 30 has radically changed for the better. Many will snicker “just wait… until you get older!!!” as if the wheels will fall off and my physique will turn to fantastic to flabtastic. Just made up that word flabtastic. You may want to notify Webster’s. As people warned of the inevitable doom of age my mind went back to Lubbock, Texas when I was in grad school. I had my first sign of the secret to a lean, healthy and powerful body. Thanks to Susie. 

My husband and I attended a gym at 5am during this time and we met a nice lady named Susie. Susie was not young, but Susie looked absolutely incredible. Lean sculpted muscles, impressive strength, and virtually zero body fat. She would show up consistently, work hard, but not excessive. She never appeared to severely strain or be in pain. She never seemed to be injured in anyway or exhausted. She came in alive and well, worked smart and went home. I took note of how she performed basic, free weight movements like it was her religion and developed the body composition of a greek statue. The trouble was that I was young and simply overlooked the value of the simplicity of Susie’s training. In other words, like many people new to training, I thought I knew it all. Looking back, I realize how foolish I was because she had all the results I deeply desired, and I well didn’t… yet! More on that later. 

A little background on myself just so you can gain a perspective of where I started and how far I’ve come to the enlightenment of how simple it is to get in very good shape. Growing up, I ran cross country as a kid and in high school. Coming from an endurance background, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to run for the California State University Chico cross country (b) team. I have also completed a marathon and numerous half marathons. I really can’t even count how many races I raced in. The reason I mention this is because many people believe the falsehood that they should do more and more cardio to drastically change their body composition. I can attest that I did tons of it, literally endless miles and still lacked the physique I desired. To be honest, I wasn’t even close. Trust me, more and excessive "cardio" is not the answer.

Becoming increasingly frustrated, I then feel victim to the “more is better” mindset. The most dangerous and destructive one of all. My thinking at this time was that to FINALLY lose my body fat, I just gotta do more and more!!! I ran, did spin class, lifted weights, yoga, did extra aimless activity to try to burn more and more calories. This might have been my lowest point. I spent hours and hours a day exercising. I was beyond burned out, had no life, and still lacked any desirable results. In many ways, physically and mentally, this period of time just made things worse. 

Shortly after the hellish “more is better” phase, I moved across the country to Lubbock, Texas for graduate school at Texas Tech. I joined a local gym and met Beau at the gym. Shocking I know. Beau is a iron warrior through and through. Lifting weights has been a big part of his life ever since his dad brought home a bench press one day, I think Beau was around 10 years old. In Lubbock, he was finishing up his exercise science degree at Tech at the time. He noticed my routine which was a pretty decent one that I learned from my junior high coach. Beau made some recommendations, but most of all helped me to lift more and run less. My goal was to lose body fat and develop muscle tone and definition. His no-brainer advice was "well to get muscle tone.... you have to have muscles." This is when I first started to grasp the idea that resistance training would trump long runs in my quest for a lean, toned physique. Ironically, around this time is when we met Susie and we both took note of how she was training and her obviously successful results. She had what I wanted. 

Beau has always been obsessed with training and finding the “holy grail” of results. Walk into our home office and you will see stacks and stacks of training books, articles, etc. He will try anything and give it a fair shake. Then he discards the junk and keeps the stuff that produced only dynamic results. We opened our gym in 2011 and have helped lots of people change their bodies for the better. However, we are never satisfied and our constantly evolving our programs to provide only the very best for our clients. For the past 6 years, I have used this time as a trial and error to create a program that delivers at the highest levels. I have spent countless hours studying and practicing different training routines, concepts and styles and then noted the results. Many of the programs I have tried delivered mediocre results. If you know us, you know Beau and I have zero tolerance for mediocrity. I kept close records of what happened, and with Beau’s help, we have developed a program second to none for ladies to drastically alter their body composition. I followed this focused program for one year and my what a difference. I finally have the body that I have wanted for over a decade. I truly feel like I have the secret to developing an outstanding physique in my hands. I closely kept notes of how I trained and what I ate. Now, I want to share this with others. My passion is helping people achieve a much improved body composition and to look and feel, not just good, but outstanding. I have had the fortunate opportunity to use these very methods on other ladies at our gym in our Ladies Physique program and they have also drastically improved their body composition. I stand ready and very excited to help many other ladies to reach their peak physical condition. 

If you are reading this, please understand the tremendous opportunity you have at your hands. You won’t have to struggle through the many rabbit trails like I did searching for a program that provides dynamic results. I’ve done all of that guesswork for you. I will show you how to lift properly, how to eat right, and how to have fun working out. Most importantly, I will show you the way to major changes and the results you’ve always wanted. You may be surprised at how simple everything is, but don’t let that fool you like it did me. All you have to do is trust the program and you will look back one day in the future and be so happy you did. I would like to thank Susie one last time, even though I have no clue where she is. Probably at a dumbbell rack at 5am. She modeled, almost effortlessly, the very secret to a stellar physique. It was like a seed planted long ago that once we finally grasped the idea it all became crystal clear. Thanks Susie!

Take a moment and look through my photos (below) throughout this journey. I show these not in vain, but to show you the possibility. I want to help you do as I did so you can enjoy feeling and looking your absolute best everyday. This is a call to arms. If you stand ready to change your body composition for the better I am ready to help you. Our program we have created is called Ladies Physique and we hold semi-private classes at Weatherford Strength & Conditioning on Tin Top Road in Weatherford, TX. In this program you will get my exact training formula and nutrition regimen. As an added bonus, I will be right there with you, rep by rep, to help motivate and coach you along the way. Not to forget the many good times and laughs we will have along the way. We like to have fun! Please understand, any current level of fitness is welcome. My passion is helping anyone willing to do the work drastically alter their body composition and thus maximize their physical potential. So I don’t care if you haven’t worked out in years or ever, I will help you. I have hands-on experience working with lots and lots of people coming from all kinds of fitness backgrounds. In other words, please don’t worry about not being in good enough shape to start our program. We will make it happen for you. 

To get started with our Ladies Physique program at WSC is really simple. Just give us a call at 817-597-0692 and let us know you are interested in our Ladies Physique program and we will schedule your first day and answer any questions. It’s that simple. I’d encourage you to start now. Like the old saying goes, “procrastination murders success.” Isn’t that oh so true? I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

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