"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."

- Vince Lombardi


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sound fitness programs that emphasize results, safety and longevity for people in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


Muscle & Strength

This program is based on the methodology and philosophy of the Bradbury Muscle Course authored by Beau Bradbury. However, our program is constantly evolving and improving. We bias our training, using periodization, to include strength phases with hypertrophy phases. If you are looking to develop a head-turning physique this is your ticket. The Muscle & Strength program specializes in building lean muscle and ridding your body of ugly fat. This program is perfect for anyone, male or female, whether you are a beginner or an athlete looking to gain an edge. Science and in the trenches experience shows us that compound movements performed with free weights flat out work. Our potent basic movements (squat, bench, deadlift etc) combined with proven isolation movements work together with synergy to create a perfect blend for your body. You will add lots of lean muscle mass and get much stronger along the way. In addition, training and having fun amongst like-minded individuals is proven to skyrocket motivation and lead to even better results. Our squad works hard, but also knows how to let the good times roll. 

Muscle & Strength Schedule: Monday through Friday at 5AM, 6AM, 8AM, 5:15PM

Ladies physique

Physique - noun - the form, size and development of a person's body.

In our Ladies Physique program the goal is to build a comfortable environment for women of all fitness levels. We welcome ladies that are just starting an exercise program for the first time, women who need to hit their "reset" button, and the veterans who would like to workout in an inspiring atmosphere amongst like-minded individuals. 

The focus of the class is to build a strong confident female mind and body. We will work to maximize muscle tone and rid our body of stubborn fat. Our mission is to drastically improve your body composition. 

The class is designed to allow women of similar strength to workout in groups of 2-4 ladies. We have a daily workout that is part of our overall structured program everyone follows together. Our facility design allows us to customize movements on an individual basis if needed. 

Ladies Physique Schedule: Monday through Friday at 5AM, 6AM, 8AM, 5:15PM, 6:15PM

If interested call 817.597.0692, ask for Nancy

WEight Room Readiness

Without a clear understanding of the basics, the weight room can quickly become a very dangerous place. This program is designed to teach any young athlete and/or beginner the fundamentals and etiquette of the weight room. They will work one-on-one with their trainer to learn how to perform foundational movements (squat, bench, deadlift, power clean etc.) correctly from the get-go which proves very valuable so no bad habits are formed. As an added bonus, they will also learn proper setup and spotting techniques that will maximize their safety in the weight room when they return to their school's and/or our program. 

personal training

If you strive in a one-on-one setting this will be your best option. We will design a customized program specifically for your body type, ability level and goals. You will work one-on-one with your trainer and they will guide and motivate you to your desired results. Statistics show that people are not only much more likely to reach their desired goals, but they reach them even faster when working with a certified fitness professional. 

To maximize your safety, results and efficiency all of our programs are carefully crafted by a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and will always be supervised by our staff.