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OUR APPROACH: Since 2011, we have relentlessly strived to provide more and more value to our clients by refining and improving our programs. Our greatest accomplishment to date is re-inventing group training to yield superior results.

Group training is by far the best way to train. It provides unmatched camaraderie, motivation, and is a superb atmosphere for the client and trainers to boost results. This is exactly why college and professional sports teams train in a group format.

The trouble with most group training programs is they follow a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach. This faulty method attempts to mold every client to the workout and this is definitely not optimal and sometimes becomes a safety concern.

Our approach is the exact opposite as we strive to mold our workouts precisely to our clients and our client's needs and goals without losing the benefits of training in a group. Thanks to our science-based exercise programming and facility design we have successfully developed an efficient, customized group training experience. Our clients need not to worry if our program will work for them, because it is customized exactly for them.  

We have two customized group training programs available:

Ladies Physique

Muscle & Strength

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